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At Nurse Practitioner Services of Michiana, our goal is to provide comprehensive and individualized healthcare to our clients. We achieve this by dedicating ample time per visit, ensuring our clients collaborate in their care, and investing in a team that truly cares. Our services are cash priced, meaning that our clients get to choose the best options for them without having to worry about insurance acceptance. To further streamline your payment options, we accept HSA and FSA too.

Weight Loss 
Six month membership starts at $275/mo.
Consultation $125 per visit 
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DOT Physicals
NRCME Certified Exam $85
Drug Screen 12 Panel Rapid $25
Alcohol Saliva Test $10
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Direct Primary Care
$100/mo. or $1,000 per year
Labs   start at $20
3 or 6 month visit without DPC  $175
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Botulinum toxin starts at $350
Dermal filler starts at $295
Microneedling starts at $200
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Hormone Evaluations
Women's  $250 w/labs
Men's  $75 w/labs
Thyroid Evaluation $150 w/labs
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Wellness IVs  Start at $125
Wellness Injections  $20-$399
Orthomolecular Supplements/Nutraceuticals
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